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Tools For Life

For Nurses. Because it’s NOT what it used to be.


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Tools For Life

For Nurses. Because it’s NOT what it used to be.

Nursing is just not what it used to be anymore. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) there are 71 million nurses in the US in 2019, and the numbers are only growing. Even though this sounds like a huge number in the grand scheme of things we are actually (in most facilities) experiencing a nursing shortage. Yes not enough nurses for the tasks, paperwork, and care that needs to be done. Shocking right? This is not only dangerous for the nurses and the people they care for at work, but it’s dangerous for those nurses and their families when they are not at work.

With many of our nations nurses over worked and under paid we have a viscous cycle taking place. Many are getting burnt out. They are not being supported even in the simplest of ways. They are having an increase in burn out rates, depression, PTSD and even drug use. Crazy right? Like how on Earth could that be helpful? That our people dedicated to helping and healing are having this happen. Yet still they are not being taught simple self implemented tools to aid them and support them in and out of work. Tools that can help them be better at their jobs, more focused, energized, and overall happier.

I want to help as many nurses as I can. I want to help them start creating balance in their lives, on and off the job. Even if it’s in the smallest of ways.

Why? Why would I want to help nurses? I’m not a nurse. However after 15 years in emergency medicine being in and out of hundreds of hospitals and focused care facilities I have a lot of friends that are nurses. I also have family who have given everything they had to dedicate their lives to being nurses. And sadly I have lost good friends who are no longer here because of the snow ball affects of the stress and isolation that nursing can have. I also see that nurses much like teachers are people who touch thousands of lives. They are people who have families and patients who they are continuously affecting. In the space of cause and affect if we can support our nurses helping them create balance with simple self administered tools we can help them spread that balance to those lives they touch.

I have spent years building an incredible “Life Tools Box” to help me and everyone I work with take back control of their emotional state. Creating balance in their life. Becoming the calm in the chaos, what nurse wouldn’t want that?

These are super simple easy to administer tools. The best part is that they are self administered and empower you to become the person creating calm in whatever environment you are in! As you are consciously tuning into the emotional state of the room. We all know that like energy attracts like energy so this can really do wonders as it affects everyone around you allowing you to calm the energy of the room with the calm you experience. Tell me that isn’t a super power in an emergency room on a full moon, or any other night of the week.

Let me share three of the tools so you can use to help you do just that! Or you can share them with a nurse (or other healthcare professional you know) that might need a little support.

The first tools is “Breath In A Box”

This tool is a super simple breathing technique used in many meditations. It is also used by S.W.A.T. Teams and Snipers. I share this because let’s be real a groups of men in armor are not going to do anything that doesn’t work. Right? Even Harvard Studies support that breath work helps calm our stress response.

How to do it: You are going to breath in for a count of 4 (think 1 Mississippi...), Hold for a count of 4, Exhale for a count of 4, Hold for a count of 4. Repeat this sequence at least 4 times.

You will instantly start to feel your body relax. You may experience tingling. This takes less than 5 minutes to implement and will allow you to settle, redirect focusing on what is most important in that moment.

The second tools is “Tapping” (EFT)

I’m excited to see this more widely recognized recently as I have been using it for years. It is extremely effective and incredibly easy to use. I want to show you a short cut. Who doesn’t love that?! You won’t need any scripts and you won’t need to remember anything beside 1 tapping point.

How to do it: Take and put your index and middle finger on your clavicle (doesn’t matter right to left, or left to right), now drag your fingers down to just below the clavicle into the tender spot, you will gently start tapping, breathe and tap. If words/phrases/mantras pop into your head feel free to say them in your head or aloud. Know that you can simply just tap and breath. Continue till you feel at ease.

I love this because your body already knows what’s wrong. It already knows what needs to be fixed. Essentially by doing this your hitting your reset button to calm yourself down using an acupressure point. This allows your brain and body to relax. Allowing you to come back to calm. Many studies have shown that this technique has many benefits like this one from NCBI

The third tools is called a “Hold”

I believe this is one of the simplest tools you could add to your collection. I really love this technique as it’s one that you can use and no one will be the wiser. You can simply sit and use the tool and breath and it will just look as though you are sitting and relaxing. Because well you will be. So you can use it anywhere and not feel like your calling attention to yourself.

How to do it: you can do this sitting or standing, hold your thumb (right hand to left, or left to right, it doesn’t matter), hold and breath till you feel your pulse, then switch to your index finger, hold and breath till you feel your pulse. Now switch hands and repeat.

You can repeat this as frequently as needed. Use it when your feeling overwhelmed, tired, or disconnected. You can use it every day as a way to implement self care or in the moment. Heads up you don’t need to squeeze your finger just gently grasp. You will notice that the more you do it the faster you will feel your pulse. Which is a great sign!

With these three tools you will empower yourself and any nurse you share them with to become the calm in the chaos of life. Each of these tools allows you to calm your amygdala, lower your heart rate, lower your breath rate, and release the calming hormones into your body to allow you to become the beacon of balance. Allowing everyone and everything to settle down around you. You will have focus and energy to show up your best for all the things! Just think if each nurse took 5 minutes a day to implement just one of these tools how their ability to perform their job, care for their self, and care for their families. I saw that is a ripple worth sharing!

Want to learn more about these tools? Want simple ways to implement them? Here is a quick guide to these tools and a few extra (with some helpful videos too!) FREE Here:


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Are you a nurse? Do you know a nurse that this could benefit? Tell me in the comments. I will be giving a shout out to all the nurses!

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