Tools For Life

My practice is my life style. It is sharing the tools and knowledge I have gained on my personal journey. In this area you will find the tools that I use in my own personal and professional practice. Take what resonates leave what doesn't. This is your journey. However if your anything like me your goal is to have as many life tools as you possible can put into your bag. I have put these into "pouches" for easy sorting and finding. Each "pouch" is full of items. I invite you to check them out. 


*I affiliate for some but not all products that I share. I ONLY share products that I personally use. You can purchase these recommended items right in my shop. Each will have a link associated with it. 


Space Clearing and smudging

This is a very important subject to me and I share it with great respect. I feel very passionate about helping people to cleanse and clear their space.  Many times I come across situations with people who have never cleansed their space. Don't worry I share how to do this and you can reach out to me in an email or on messenger with questions. 


Trinkets? No actually tools

If you visited my house you would probably think you were walking around in a trinket shop. However many of my "trinkets" are actually tools and talismans. Here are some of my go to talismans for protection. Once you see some of them you may be surprised next time your out and about noticing them in some places you would have never thought you would see them!  

crystal grid.jpg


I am a Certified Crystal Healer and I use crystals during sessions, during my yoga practice, with meditations and inn  many other ways. I am often seen wearing them. My purse always has a bag of them too! They can be used to help you ground, support your emotional wellness and so much more. I will be sharing about them more in depth but here you can add to your collection or start your collection! 


My favorite can't live with out things

I am a huge advocate for self care and self love. I am someone who for years neglected this area of my life. I thought "I don't have time for that" but we don't not have time for that! Here are some of my absolute favorite can't live without things. You will find all sorts fun things here. I now pour into myself in many ways. I cherish the items I get and I only keep things that I love and that make me feel good.  Treat yourself or find ideas!


Personal Development

I am a HUGE fan and believer in personal development. I truly agree with the idea of continuing to grow yourself even beyond school. Let's be real every day in life is a day in the school of life. I have compiled some of my favorite books, audios, DVDs, and personal development tools all right here in my personal development library.  Enjoy! 



I love my work and I love helping people.  But I can not have the impact that this work deserves to have by working alone. There are more and more practitioners starting their journey every day. If you are interested in learning this invaluable tool for your personal care, for your family or to make an impact in the world then take a look here at how to get started: