Become A Practitioner

My goal with this work is to make a global impact and help people. To help them heal from traumas in their lives and to help heal the wounds from their ancestors. When you learn about this work and you see it in action you can't help but want to learn more and practice this modality. I invite you to do just that. I invite you to take the next steep and become a practitioner. The world needs more healers and doers. You can create heal your family and you can start to heal the world. Become a practitioner and start the journey. This is an amazing career but it is also a priceless tool to have to for your own self care and your family. If you have more questions please reach out. Here is the direction to go in if you are ready to leap!


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The Emotion Code is an incredible modality that you can use for your personal health and well being or create a beautiful career to help others with. Learn more here:

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Become a body code practitioner

As a Body Code Practitioner you can offer people an even more in depth experience. The Body Code allows you to work with people in areas of their lives that may need assistance, organs, and energy fields. This is like Emotion Code mastery! Learn more here:

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The Body Code System

The Body Code System is the tool that you use as a Body Code Practitioner.  It is the maps and computer system to be able to practice the Body Code. Get it here: