Treasure Chest!

Welcome to my treasure chest! My closet is filled with trinkets, tools, and guides to help you on the journey you are embarking on or already well on your way of! Here you will meet my "Flock" or "Tribe" as most people call them. They are some of the most incredible people you could ever hope to bless your life. You will find tools and "how to" guidance on implementing these tools into your practices, routines, and rituals. You will also find some of my can't live with out favorite things! This is everything from favorite supplements to favorite clothes. I am here to support you and pour into you. I am here to help you and aid you. I believe that sharing me and the things I use, do , and live by is one of the best ways to do that. Enjoy!


*I affiliate for some but not all products that I share. I ONLY share products that I personally use. You can purchase these recommended items right in my shop. Each will have a link associated with it. 


My flock

We are all here to share our light and our gifts with the world. But that means that we need support. We need people to lean on and learn from. I am so beyond grateful for the growing I have done and the flock that has helped me step into my light.  Each of these amazing professionals are using their work to touch the world and impact lives. 


Things I Love

It wouldn't be right for me not to share with you my most beloved tools and favorite things. My biggest goals is to help you and aid you on your journey. So I have compilied a list of my favorite things. Kinda like Oprah's  favorite things list! These are things I use regularly or can't live without. I hope you enjoy them!



When I talk about my go to tools I am talking about my self care tools and my healing tools. These are my tools for life. You will find all types of tools. If you are working with me I have probably already started to share some of these tools. My work is to help you live the most amazing and free life possible. That also means I need to help you support that life. These tools will do that.