Everyone Needs a Tribe!

Or as I like to call them my flock. I am all about flying high and raising each other up. You will also come to find out, if you haven't seen already, I am a big fan of flamingos. We all want to heal and grow. We are all here to share our light and our gifts with the world. But that means that we need support. We need people to lean on and learn from. I am so beyond grateful for the growing I have done and the flock that has helped me step into my light.  Each of these woman are trained professionals using their work to touch the world and impact lives. 


Coaches: Business and Life Coaches



One of my focuses in my life is to be better tomorrow than I am today. Being on a self discovery and growing journey I have been so blessed to be able to work with Andee Love. Who is an amazing soul! She is a Spiritual Life Coach and Holistic Healer. Working with her on busting through blocks and focusing on manifesting has been extremely life shifting! She has worked and trained with Gabby Bernstein, has an MBA in Trans-personal Counseling Psychology among her many accreditation.  You can learn everything from finding your purpose in life to actually creating your heart centered business from her.  

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Val White

Val is an incredible human being. He has over come so much in his life and continues to pour into others. He is a Yoga instructor, Actor, Author, and Intuitive Life Coach. He has helped many people with his work. Including myself. He focuses on living from joy. After overcoming the chaos of a hurricane he heard the call to create a course to help people with the tools he used to overcome that time. 

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Marisa Imon

An inspiring artist and healer Marisa mixes her work beautifully to help the masses. Singer song writer she heals and shares her message with her music. She channels incredible meditations filled with healing. She is passionate about helping others and guiding them through art. She is works with young adults (and adults) to find their passions and embrace them with open arms. She has 1:1 coaching and event options. She has an incredible course called Time Gods and Goddesses that shows you how to harness your time.

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Anna Gaspari

A spiritual life coach connecting you to God and the metaphysical Anna teaches you how to have it all. She has an incredible spunk to her that she showers you. She is focused on teaching you how to connect all the dots in your life. Weather you sit behind a desk on Wall Street or you chill on fields in Temecula she can help you show you how to have alignment in all areas of your life.

Martha K.jpg

Martha Krejci - The Inner Circle, Tribefinder

Martha is a psychic intuitive and business coach. She is also the Founder of TribeFinder. Your Yellow pages for all things holistic. Her job is helping healers share their work and giving them the knowledge to share their modalities with others. She is also bringing the people to the healers by creating a space and platform that is easy to use and filled with information.


Healers: Holistic Guides for all your life needs

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Katie HappyHeart

Katie is an incredible Intuitive, Angel card reader, and Medium. She has such an amazing gift. Helping to give people messages and guidance is one of her specialties. She is also able to look into your past lives. Katie has done many readings for me personally. Everyone of them spot on. She is a light in the world. Learn more about her and her work here:

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Marisa Conte

Marisa is an amazing healer, intuitive, that channels the most amazing meditations. She has multiple courses including the Goddess Code which takes you through a one year journey with Goddesses and healing. It is a fa-nominal program. Her DNA reprogramming will leave you speechless and her Chakra Massage will leave you feeling like you spent the day at the spa. Learn more about her and her work here:  


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Valarie Kimm

Valarie is amazing! She is able to help you to bring your soul back together. As we come to this life with a purpose and plan we bring things from our other lives. Sometimes if we have had traumas in those lives pieces of our souls can get stuck there. So we aren't fully complete here in this life. Valarie helps you to reconnect with your whole soul in this life. Email her here for more information. It is an incredible experience.

Email here at SpiritSparrow@gmail.com to make an appointment and learn more.