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So many of of have all these incredible hobbies and practices. I have compiled some of my favorite support tools. These items just make work and play easier. They also help to share the love more freely. Check out the tools I use to support my hobbies.

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OIL essentials and Necessities 

I am not an oil distributor. However I LOVE essential oils. I have used them my entire life. I remember being the kid in school with that stash of oils. Now I'm an oil toting mama. I have been a no chemical home since my first apartment on my own. I have a family now and we still clean this way and my children use the oils too. Over the years I have used them a multitude of ways and I always love to support people on their holistic journey with recommendations as a wellness advocate. But so many people had such a hard time finding the tools. I have compiled my list of my go to oil tools that have made my life easier and can help you implement oils use into your everyday life. 

* If you are looking for oils for specific uses and don't know where to start feel free to ask me as I have a vast knowledge and have an amazing group of oil lovers to reach out to if you happen to stump me. 

What oils do I use? I use doTerra, Aura Casia, and Plant Life. 


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