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Meditation for beginners

As many of you have seen or know, helk maybe you don't, I hold a meditation practice daily. This practice is to shift the collective consciousness, to come together building a connection, and help support people in their meditation practice.  We invite people of all levels into this practice.  I share this across multiple platforms. You may have seen the banner at the top of the page. Click there to join us. If meditation is hard for you or you don't think you can meditate learn some great tips and tricks here:


watch this video where I explain more:


Find a space 

Some people say to find a sacred space. That is wonderful if you can. However I also know that the idea of that can be overwhelming and deter people from ever getting started. So I say find a space that you are comfortable in. If you are unable to leave a certain area for meditation no worries escape in your mind to the place, or feeling you would rather be in. I meditate in my kitchen on my floor. I love this space because I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and the space were love is shard most freely.  So get comfy and get ready to just be. But if you are one to go to the same space to meditate regularly or have a space you want to turn into your sacred space then let me help guide you.

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Getting comfortable

Again many people have ideas around how they need to sit and how long meditation needs to be. All these things play a role in some way shape and form. However think of this like running a marathon. You don't wake up one day and head out for 26.3 after never running down the block. I mean good on you if you do but I couldn't. So start small. Start with an achievable goal. We hold intention for peace for 2-4 minutes. Everyone can sit and breathe for 2-4 minutes. Also you can be standing, siting, laying, or walking. Meditation can be done with your eyes closed or open. I know this probably goes against all the things you have heard but I promise it's true. SO find the meditation, position, and time that works best for you.


its all in the intention

Our number one goal with meditation is focusing our intention. When we come together for our 2PM EST Meditation our intention is on Peace. This means that no matter what type of meditation you are practicing your focused thought is on Peace. You can help to guide your thoughts by focusing on breathe, a mantra, a mala, a vision. This will help to keep your mind from wondering. But if it does it is okay. Just bring your thought back to Peace.  This works on whatever your focus maybe. Just hold your intention and relax into it. For our Maharishi Effect I like to hold the mantra "I hold peace in my head, peace in my heart, peace in my soul. I radiate peace out around me." This mantra holds my focus, relaxes me, and allows me to let go.  


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