Post traumatic stress disorder

If you have read my "About me" section you have learned that I am extremely passionate about helping suffers of PTSD. Before owning my own practice I was an Emergency Medical Technician and Fire Fighter with a career spanning 15 years. I have not just known a lot of suffers of this unforgiving disorder I have also been one. I have made it part of my practice to treat any one who wants help.

I treat ALL Military active and Veteran for no charge. Simply schedule your session using the code: MILITARY (I will follow up with you to find out your branch and years of service) to receive absolutely free sessions. For any and all Pubic Service workers check out using code: POLICE, FIRE, EMS, DISPATCHER, NURSE or HOSPITAL to receive a 75% discount. 

I was asked why I do these discounts. Here are the reasons.  One: I own my business and this is a way I can give back.  Two: PTSD is devastating to the person who has it and to their families. The families already give up so much having a parent or spouse working in these high stress careers. They put themselves on the line for others and ask for nothing in return. Giving so much to complete strangers. For some starting their families they can pass the emotions that caused this on to their children and so on, and for others they can become alienated from their loved ones because of it. None of them deserve that. 



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