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This PDF work book will help you implement this tool. Down load it. Save it. Add it to your google docs. so you always have it to make more copies from so you can revisit the tool again and again. Because once you experience how powerful this can be you will find yourself using it regularly.


“Say’s who” what does that mean…

When we are using this method of thought transformation we are seeking to redirect our patterns (or) programs. Remember this is a practice. By asking yourself “Says Who?” - you are confronting and challenging a negative or fear based thought to find out what it’s doing in your mind. By answering, “I am saying this thought”, you’re taking responsibility for your thought, and can begin the process of questioning and examining it more closely to find out what purpose it’s serving for your well being. Then working through the steps you redirect, release, and create a new thought and thought patter.

This may sound difficult at first. However it is quite simple. Just stick to asking and being curious to where the questions lead you being a non judgmental witness to what arises.


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