Picture waking up one year from today. You are the truest, realest, most powerful version of your self that you have ever envisioned. You are living your dream life. You know exactly who you are mind, body, and soul!

You find peace in your mind, body, and being. Each day is balanced. You easily find joy and connect to life with love, ease, and grace.

Today you might be reading this and thinking “that sounds great, but that’s why they call it a dream life… You don’t know my story, my struggles, and what I have had to overcome to get to here.”

Your right. I don’t know YOU. However I know me, and I know hundreds of women like us that are choosing to let go of their baggage, their old stories, their old patterns, and their inherited (and ancestral) baggage.

I want to help you make this your reality. I want to help you live free each day. I want to help you release, align, and transcend to become the person you know you are! To become the truest version of the incredible person you ARE!

I can help you!


Raise Your Vibration

Releasing trapped emotions and events from your conscious and subconscious mind changing the frequency, the silent conversation of who you are in the world. Also changing what you attract in your world.

Release Your Baggage

You will release where your energy, trauma, and events in life are trapped, preventing you from stepping fully into alignment with your divine true self. Allowing you to truly reconnect with you and love yourself on a level you never knew existed.


Mend Your Ancestral Wounds

Each of us come from people who sacrificed, worked hard, endured, and overcame all types of events and hardships. They dictate aspects of who we will be and how we will show up in the world. Some are hurting us though, and hurting our families. I want to help you free your family and free your ancestors from those burdens.

Free Your Legacy

Much like with our ancestral wounds we have and create our own. I want to help you come to peace with them so that your children, grandchildren and legacy don’t have to carry that burden.



Commit to LIVING FREE with Rebecca Packard


  • Tools to help you quickly release your fears in the moment and empower yourself.

  • Clarity to align with and manifest the life of your dreams that you already know is so close.

  • Embrace the power of forgiveness and open your heart to love and above energy.

  • Ability to feel a more aligned and live a meaningful life that creates an impact.

  • Vibrational Crystal Healing & Emotional Oil Release assistance for additional guidance as needed


Focused areas for each month: 

Month 1: Releasing your heart-wall

Month 2: Releasing Trapped Emotions affecting self-worth, self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance

Month 3: Releasing Trapped Emotions affecting love, relationships, and co-dependency

Month 4: Releasing Environmental Responses (How you react to life, work, and family)

Month 5: Releasing Physical and Emotional pain

Month 6: Releasing Traumas and Addictions

Month 7: Releasing, Resetting, and re-balancing Your Physical and Spiritual Chakras

Month 8: Releasing Trapped Emotions from your Auras and Energy Fields

Month 9: Releasing Trapped Emotions affecting your relationship with the Planets

Month 10: Releasing Trapped Emotions affecting your relationship with the Houses

Month 11: Releasing Trapped Emotions affecting your relationship with the Zodiac Signs.

MONTH 12: Releasing Abundance Blocks!