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What is the Emotion Code and Body Code?

The Emotion Code and Body Code are a modality of holistic healing that targets and releases your negative energy and trapped emotions using applied kinesiology and Ancient Chinese methods.

Does It Hurt?

No. This is a painless modality. You may feel lighter, freer, and like you have visited a spa. We are only releasing your negative vibrational energy.

When will I notice if it worked?

You will immediately feel something whether you feel at ease, lighter or calm. You may have to wait to see a big impact moment, by seeing if situations that would have triggered you before still effect you or if you start to respond to things differently. The change can happen gradually depending on what area we are working on.

What if I am not a healer or coach? Is this still worth it for me to do?

YES! You don't have to be a healer to want to live free and your profession doesn't need to be a coach as we are all constantly coaching ourselves and those around us. Every one can and does benefit from this work.

How do the sessions work? I don't live near you!

No worries, there is no commute! I have a virtual office and I see clients all over the world. When you set your appointment you will receive a confirmation email. That email will have a phone number and a Zoom ID number. At the time of your appointment you can choose to call in or join the Zoom (Video Chat, a free platform used world wide on all phone systems)

What if I'm really busy and your times don't work with my schedule?

Don't worry I have the ability to work with your schedule. Doing distance sessions  where you can receive your session then I send you an email of what took place.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a session?

Drinking water before and after your session will help you transfer energy better. Other than that no.

How many sessions do I need?

If you are working with me in individual sessions we will focus on one topic (headache, runny nose, allergy symptoms) it can take as little as one session to work through your focus topic. With more complex topics (chronic pain, finances, love...) it can take multiple sessions. I offer packages for highly worked in areas to serve you better with price and direction. Whether you get a package or work through it in individual sessions topics can take 1 - 8 sessions to completely clear.

During the annual subscription we will be focusing on the major key components that will shift you in great areas of your life. Our goal will be to release the biggest emotions that are keeping you stuck and blocked. Depending on your life and the events that have taken place during it you may need more work in certain areas. 

Why don't you need to touch me when you do this work?

This is a form of energy work. With this modality I don't need to be in physical contact with you. Much like with a Reiki session.


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