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For Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

When you think of the words abundance, prosperity and wealth, you probably think these are all the same thing. However, when you see the break down of each word you realize they are not exactly the same. The energy and the vibration behind each of these words makes their true meaning very different. With these grids you will be able to enhance the vibration you are really seeking, simply follow the directions. 

Each grid is going to give you the crystals you will want to use, how to lay them out and then the intention to set. You will need to print out the PDF and you can adjust the size if you choose too. I love working with crystals and crystal grids, so sharing this information is so exciting for me. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. I will also add that I am a Certified Crystal Healer, so I am certified to share this information in this way, but please use this for your personal use. I find there are many ways to do many of these grids. I also recognize that a crystal that "is for abundance" may not be the crystal that resonates with you for abundance.  If you need to make changes please do so. If you want to check these crystals or see what is the best crystal for you for abundance, I can help you with that. 

(For more information on crystals and using crystals for self-care and as tools visit here)


Crystal Grid 1




noun: abundance; plural noun: abundances

  1. a very large quantity of something.

    "the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife"

    • the quantity or amount of something, e.g., a chemical element or an animal or plant species, present in a particular area, volume, sample, etc.

      "estimates of abundance of harp seals"

    • (in solo whist) a bid by which a player undertakes to make nine or more tricks.

When we talk about abundance, many people say that they want an abundance of money or wealth. It's not wrong, but what if we focused the word to be an abundance of support? That may seem odd at first, but support comes in many forms. One large way that "support" comes to us is in the form of money, so asking/seeking an abundance of support can actually also open the doors to abundance in all forms of support. As in you may find yourself with more time, more money, more physical help from family, friends or co-workers. Sounds nice right?  Knowing exactly what your looking for and being open to having it come to you in more than one form, will help you to obtain what you want.

This grid (and ALL grids) we will start with clearing our space, setting our intention, and crystals that have been cleansed and consecrated. This sounds like a lot, but it really isn't, it is merely good and responsible practice. If it is not something that you do now, it is a great time to start. Like I always say, take what resonates leave what doesn't, but always do no harm. 

First thing first, the space clearing. Starting any ritual or practice with clean energy is the best practice. We don't want to amplify negative energy, so we can do this by smudging ( smoke clearing with sage, cedar, palo santo, juniper, tobacco), with sound clearing (with singing bowls, bells, clapping, chanting) or by calling in our guides, who I refer to as, "The A Team" which are your angels, God, the Creator and whoever you work with for the greater good of all. 

Setting intentions is so fun. Many times people use crystals (I was guilty at this when I started using them) without giving them guidance, not connecting with them and not consecrating them (giving them direction). Without doing this, you are not getting the full benefit of all the power that these beautiful stones have. That means that you have a great tool you're using; However, you could get so much more from them. You could even harness and amplify that vibration 10x and then some, by just doing two extra minutes of work.

How do we do this? We will take all the crystals we are working with in the grid (You should actually do this for all your crystals and can do this the same way) and place them onto a platter (large dish or tray nothing fancy needed you can even use a cookie sheet). Take all of the crystals on the platter and hold them up in front of you just above the head and call in your "A Team" and call on your crystals, then say, " I ask to have these crystals work for me, my highest good and the good of all for (add desired use: Abundance, Prosperity, wealth...) to guide me, support me, and my journey in ( again state desired use). Thank you." You don't have to say exactly this, but this is a great starting point. You will find that you will intuitively have  things come to you . The important pieces of the statement to always use are, "To work for me, my highest good and good of all, that way it is absolutely clear what your expectations are. I have separate crystals I use for open healing with clients and ones that are specific for only me and then ones I use for my family. You can consecrate each of them in groups for each separate desire.    


Now we are ready to start our grid!

Get your crystals:

Quartz point - 1

Clear Quartz: 1 (amplifyer) - use for generator (center stone). A great crystal over all for many uses in this case it is great for intuitive connection and for bringing money back to you.

(Little known practice: place a clear quartz crystal on your bills to ensure that you money comes back to you tenfold and more!)

Citrine: 6 - Citrine is known to attract fortune and wealth, a creative crystal and can be used to find ways to create abundance.

Green Aventurine: 6 - This is a wonderful crystal for luck ad attracting wealth. Known as "the stone of opportunity" 

Now that you have chosen your crystals, cleared your space, crystals, and set intentions. I'm so excited for you! Know that your intention for the grid is where the power will come from. We are using the crystals to amplify your intention's vibration. Next we want to lay out the crystals. You will want to start on the out side and work inwards. Focus on your intention while you are laying the crystals. With this particular grid, you will lay the 6 aventurine on the grid towards the outer edge. Then move inward and place the citrine in line with the aventurine (on the inside loop of the grid). Then you will place your center stone. This can be a large quartz point or a tumbled quartz for this particular grid. We want to have our amplifying crystal in the center. Usually this crystal will be the largest crystal (many times will be a clear quarts point) which is called a Generator. It is not absolutely necessary to use one of these stones but it looks beautiful. Some people like to write their intentions and place the center stone on the paper. You can also write your intentions on the back of the grid before you start. Some skip this step all together. I personally like to have the intention written and placed under the center stone.

Next it is time to charge the grid! Start by holding your quartz point in your left hand and touch it to you. Some people choose a chakra (Love grid= Heart Chakra) I like to use the third eye chakra. As this is the minds eye and the eye that can see all. Take the quartz point to the aventurine closest to you and follow that row into the center stone. Then go clockwise to the next aventurine and repeat. Do this to each row (Do not switch hands with your quartz point, move if you need to). When you are back at the beginning again, touch the quartz point to your (third eye) and then to the center stone. At this time, I like to say my intentions out loud and thank my "A Team" for their help. Now your grid is charged and working for you!


You can keep your grid up for as log as you choose. Some people use them through moon phases and others keep them for longer. It will depend on you and what you are seeking. You can check your grid and its effectiveness periodically with a pendulum to make sure it is still working. You can clean it if you are leaving it for a long period of time. If you find it has gotten bumped or moved you can recharge it. I like to take time each day to look at it and think about my intention. I have heard people say that you should take a photo when you create it as the energy will be transmitted in the photo and you can take it with you. I say go for it! 

Again, if you have questions, feel free to reach out. For the other grids you will use the same technique as we went over here. Just replace the stones with the ones recommended or that you choose intuitively. Always remember to cleanse and clear your stones before and after using them in a grid (really for anything) and also the space you are in.

Happy manifesting!  


Other Crystals you can also use for Abundance:

Peridot - Harmonious crystal that has the ability to increase the wearer/users frequency to that of the universal code to attract wealth.

Topaz - Has  the power to manifest your strongest plans through powerful will. Extremely beneficial for anyone looking to attract wealth.

Jade - This crystal has long been known to attract wealth and keep it growing. Ideal for use when making decisions on investments and good fortune.

Labradorite - Great for attracting monetary benefits. Well know for a protection crystal, it can also guard against bad financial decisions.

Sapphire - Great for those starting a new financial journey or that have lost wealth this crystal attracts good fortune and success.

Free Crystal Grid Grouping.jpg

Crystal Grid 2




noun: prosperity

  1. the state of being prosperous.

    "a long period of prosperity"

    synonyms:success, profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, the good life, milk and honey, (good) fortune, ease, plenty, comfort, security, well-being

    "she deserves all the prosperity she now enjoys"

    antonyms:hardship, failure

Everyone wants to be prosperous. When we think of the word we think of money. However, I love the break down of what prosperity means: affluence, luxury, success, ease, comfort, security, well-being... Now who doesn't want that? I love this word because it really covers all the bases and vibration frequencies we really want in our lives. 

You will set this grid up following the same steps as you did with the Abundance grid. 

Crystals to use:

Clear quartz point: 1 - activation crystal

Citrine: 1 - use for generator (center stone)

Orange Calcite: 6 - A stone known to restore balance. Called "the stone of the mind" is great for students, learning, and anything academic. It is a wonderful amplifier and cleansing stone. It helps to enhance creativity.

Pyrite: 6 - Help to focus your power to generate your own wealth. Known for being great for creating action, vitality, and will. This crystal taps into our own abilities and our potential. It stimulates the flow of ideas. Bringing confidence and persistence to carry things through to completion.

Jade: 6  - This crystal has long been known to attract wealth and prosperity. Also known to keep it growing. Ideal for use when making decisions on investments and good fortune.

Emerald: 6 - A life affirming stone it is known to stimulate prosperity by allowing you to feel worthy of everything that is your birthright. It is a stone of growth in abundance. Also known to create harmony, happiness, loyalty and balance between partners and friendship.

Peridot: 6 - This stone is well known and highly beneficial for attuning to and regulating cycles in ones life. It promotes happiness and will increase the spiritual energy of your grid.


Free Crystal Grid Grouping.jpg

Crystal Grid 3



noun: wealth

  1. an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

    "he used his wealth to bribe officials"

    synonyms:affluence, prosperity, riches, means, substance, fortune; More


    • the state of being rich; material prosperity.

      "some people buy boats and cars to display their wealth"

    • plentiful supplies of a particular resource.

      "the country's mineral wealth"

We have finally arrived at the money! Yes, we are here at the vibration of financial abundance. I know you were wondering if we would ever arrive. At long last we are talking about cold hard cash. This is all about having a ton of money. People think that money is bad and that is not true. Money is merely an energy. It allows you to achieve and maintain your greatness. It allows you to care for yourself, your life, your purpose, and your passions in life. Our goal with this grid is to amplify the attraction of the vibration of money. 

You will set this grid up following the same steps as you did with the Abundance grid. 

Crystals to use:

Clear quartz point: 1 - activation crystal

Clear Quartz: 1 - use for generator (center stone)

Malachite: 6 - Helps you gain prosperity by protecting you from unreliable and dishonest people. Will aid in attracting people of your highest good that will be helpful to you.

Tigers Eye: 6 - A crystal that attracts abundance along with protection qualities. It helps to improve patience and skills to make money. 

Sunstone: 6 - This stone increases prosperity, abundance and helps to keep you positive. It encourages you to move forward in to achieve your goals.


After you have set up your grid

After your grid has been created and charged, you will want to be open to receiving! Find gratitude in all things. There are no things to big or small to be grateful for. Focus on your intention regularly. You may want to meditate on your intention. You can journal on your intention. Create a vision board about your intention. Doing any or all of these things can really align you with the energy of your intention. It can create a visual for you to focus on bringing your intention to life, generating more positive energy! You can place or do these exercises near your grid or somewhere you will see them frequently. That way they will constantly be triggering your brain to see and remember your intention amplifying the power.  

I am so excited for you to put these tools to use. People ask me why I share this information and why I take time to practice this when my work is with the Emotion Code and Body Code. The answer to that is, because we need all the tools and support that we can get! I want to live a life filled with ease, grace, and purpose. I am adding tools to my "life tool box", so I can give myself and others personal power to handle life. It gives us the ability to keep ourselves free from trapped emotions. To learn more about me and my practice visit my website at

Again if you have questions or need help please feel free to reach out.

Solas agus gra,



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