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Full moon ritual

Why are we fascinated by the full moon? Because it is a part of us. As we are 80% water. The Moon guides the water, it also guides us. During a full moon it is the perfect time for:

healing, protection, charging, dream work, prophecy, divination, celebration, drawing energy, increasing insight, and raising awareness.

This is also a great time to set goals, make "wishes", cleanse/charge your crystals, runes, pendulums and decks (oracle and tarot).


This moon is one of my favorite moon cycles. My first son was born in this moon. The nights are getting longer. The cold is setting in. This is the time of year when the animals are doing the last of their gathering for the long winter ahead. I love this time of year and all that comes with it. The moon is at its highest point in the sky during this phase. As this is the end of a year, it is also like the leaping point to catapult us into the new year.  In this moon we want to create and set new goals for the coming twelve months. It is the perfect time of year to amplify the energy of this moon (and the holiday season) by sharing your joy, volunteering and donating to causes that you support. As we hunker down for the winter remember that this moon reminds that we are strong and we can achieve what we set out to if we remind ourselves that life is not a race. If we stay focused moving forward with our intentions and desires pacing ourselves we will emerge in spring invigorated and will have achieved our goals.

Tools for this moon:

The Zodiac sign of this moon is Cancer.

*The Sun is in Sagittarius. Which is the 9th sign in Western Astrology, a fire sign, the symbol is an Archer and Bow (Centaur), the Mantra is "I Aim", this sun sign falls Nov 22 - Dec 21st.

The element of this moon is Earth.

Crystals to support you in this moon are obsidian, ruby, and serpentine.

(Crystals cleansed in this moon carry added characteristics of restorative healing energy)

Colors of this moon are blue, red, white, and black.

Natural elements to support you in this moon are ivy, mistletoe, and cinnamon.

Oils to support you in this moon are frankincense, fennel, cedarwood, melissa.



What You’ll Need

  • Blue Candle

  • Frankincense oil or incense

  • Blank Paper

  • pen (Ball point, blue ink)

How To Do It

Mercury steers the throat chakra. The color blue, and Frankincense incense are great supporters and tools for the throat chakra and mercury. It is recommended to get a blue candle, and Frankincense incense (or oil) to honor Mercury, and to call forth clear communication with your guides, angels and higher self.

Before any type of meditation, ritual, or healing I like to clean (smudge, cleanse, clear) my space. That can be as detailed or simple as you choose. The simplest way I do this (when I am without tools) is to simply call in my angels (preferably Arc Angel Michael, Arc Angel Metatron, and Arc Angel Azrael) to come into the space and clear the space releasing it from "any energy that is not of the good of all."  As i said there are many ways to do this and many levels to clear. If you are new to clearing this is a great first step. If you are well practiced please use your method.

The get comfortable and start the ritual. Light the blue candle and incense. In doing this open sacred space with a prayer of gratitude for the time, energy, and intention of the ritual. This will be a time to honor creativity and creation from a place of gratitude. Call in energies that support your highest good, “for the benefit of all beings.”

Take about 10 minutes to meditate while softly gazing at the flame of the candle. You don't have to be well practiced in meditation. Simply sit and gaze at the flame and be conscious of your breath.  With each inhale visualize the light of the universe expanding within you, with each exhale allow all that does not serve you to alchemise into love and light. If that is to much simply think of this as the energy dissolving. 

After this time in meditation, say the following affirmations out loud:

  • I am open, clear, and honest in my communication.

  • I have a right to speak my truth.

  • I communicate my feelings with ease.

  • I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.

  • I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges.

  • I nourish my spirit through creativity.

  • I live an authentic life.

  • I have integrity.

  • I live with Integrity.

  • I love to share my experiences and wisdom.

  • I know when it is time to listen.

  • I am a good listener.

  • I express my gratitude towards life.

  • I listen to my body and feelings to know what my truth is.

  • My body is my temple.

  • I am at peace.

It is now time to use the piece of blank paper. Write the following intentions using the BLUE ink pen. Fill the gap in the following sentences on a sheet of paper. write in your name, and your intention.

EXAMPLE: I Rebecca am grateful for using my voice.

Get creative. Go nuts. Write what comes up, just flow with it! Don't think or criticize just be open. Even if it out side of these examples it is okay. Just flow positively.  

I _______ am so grateful for  ____________.
I _______ have blissful relationships with  ___________.
I _______ have increased my health, and well being by  ________________.
I _______ am abundant with _____________.

When you feel complete and you are finished give gratitude. "Thank you for this time..." whatever comes up. Thank your guides and those you called on for help and guidance. Blow out your candle closing this space of the ritual. You will take the paper and put it under your pillow.  Each day start your day and end your day visualizing each of these events as though they are already happening. They are real and they are your life now. See them, smell them, feel them, feel how you would feel in them. Embody your practice each day until the next Full moon. At the next Full Moon take your paper out from under your pillow and burn it with a WHITE candle. In this space expressing gratitude for what’s manifested, and what is still coming to fruition. 

Slainte mhaith


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