Yoga Clothes OY!

Okay so let's just start off by saying I am a mom of two tiny humans. I am also in my mid 30's. So let's get real. Like really real here. Many Yoga clothes are just well what I live in lately. I know, I know your like geese this lady is "that" stereo type. I am here to say YES, yes I am. 

Let me just say it again I live with tiny humans. I get it that's not an excuse to not get dressed. However I also run two global businesses from my phone at my kitchen table, and most days I leaving my house is adventuring with kids. We play in the yard, rock yoga after breakfast, and go for walks. So I have a large array of stretchy cloths. I mean I live a in yoga attire probably 75% of the time (honestly it's probably closer to 90%). Just because it's comfortable and I can. I find that the more I talk to moms they seem to have the same wardrobe as me! The ones who stay home any way. I am not sure if this is a win yet to be honest. But we are moms, entrepreneurs, running house holds. We need to simplify and we make things work. So dressing easily and comfortably is a must. 

When I thought about it how can I create a staple wardrobe that is filled with comfortable clothes that also support my lifestyle. I figured if I was thinking this more of you were thinking this too. Well for me the biggest trick was getting real with myself. What are you looking to get from your clothes? What do you expect to be able to do in your outfit? How do you want to feel? I live in multi functional clothing that I can dress up or dress down, mix and match, and also do everything in. However with that I also want to look good and feel good.

After looking closely at my wardrobe I realized these outfits have three staples. I like to think of this as the foundation of the look. 

The first staple is the leggings. I am super picky about leggings. If you wear leggings you probably are too. So what do you look for? For me I like cloth (cotton mix) fabric over straight spandex leggings. I have 5 black pairs of leggings. I have three pattern pairs. Of course I have a few pairs of jeans and dress pants but the majority of my "pants" are leggings. I wear a lot of black so that is why I have so many pairs of black leggings. They go with everything. 

The second staple for me is "the bra." One of my favorite yoga bras is this T back style yoga bra. I am not a fan of underwire. As I have said I tend to wear a lot of black. So this is a perfect bra for me. I also love that I can wear it with my halter top type shirts and it looks great. I definitely like that it is comfortable and I look put together with it. There is nothing worse than an ill fitting bra. It can effect your entire outfit. 

The third and final item is a cardigan. I like to think of this as my socially appropriate public blanket. I know you are probably like seriously lady! Lol. Yes. I am dead serious. People who know me know I am never without a cardigan of some sort. I get cold easily and I am just more comfortable in layers. I find that I tend to collect light weight black cardigans like this one from Finocean's. They can be wore in all seasons. They can be worn at almost any occasion. Plus they can be layered under jackets, with a shawl, or scarf. I live in a climate with wonky weather so I think how many ways and how many seasons can I wear something.

To some completely fashion savvy people this may seem ridiculous. However for me personally I like to pick my pants and then everything else. I also never feel completely put together or ready for a productive day till I have a bra on. It is just how it is. So there you have it in a nut shell. I also mentioned a few times that I wear a lot of black. Some people have asked me about this. I tend to dress monochromatic-ally. Not to make a statement or anything but because it is easy. Think Steve Jobs. I can get dressed quickly, match, and look put together without trying to hard. 

Do you have things that are a must in your wardrobe? Do you have things that you tend to gravitate to because you just love them? Tell me! I am always looking for ways to look better and feel better. As I am always learning, growing and evolving. Maybe I can implement your tip, trick or must have item!



Rebecca Packard is a Certified Body Code Practitioner. She shares her life, loves, and adventures in her blog.  Learn more about her work on her website

Rebecca Packard is a Certified Body Code Practitioner. She shares her life, loves, and adventures in her blog.

Learn more about her work on her website