You VS Your Environment

How you react to life, work, and family

Welcome to Month 8 this month is going to rock your world! This month we are going to release the emotions that are effecting your auras, accession ladder, and your connection with the Universe. As a light worker. coach, or person looking to make an impact in even the smallest way this is 


This month we have a very special guest leading our meditation. Her name is Marisa Conte and she is an  amazing energy healer, channel-er, intuitive life coach. She will be guiding us in her Light of Gold Meditation. Get comfortable and enjoy: 


Affirmations to practice this month to support you:

I AM connected to Gaia and She is connected to me.

I AM benefiting from the environment and the environment is benefiting from me.

I AM creating an environment for myself where I am easily able to keep my attention focused on my priorities.

I AM creating a home full of joy and peace.

I must first show compassion to myself before I can extend compassion to others.

I AM safe and so is the environment that surrounds me.

I AM building the life of my dreams.


Yoga is great for many of our needs. This month we will use our sequence to help us embrace our inner strength and self-love. You can use one simple pose each day depending on the level of your practice. You can also use the full sequence to move through. In this sequence we will work to connection with self. We will use poses that create and stimulate flow, balance and strength. Enjoy.


To Begin: Sit in a cross-legged position. Connect to your breath. Inhale and send roots down through your pelvic floor into the core of the earth. Exhale and draw the white light in through your crown to your heart. Stay in this space for a couple of minutes; go through some breath cycles finding stillness within. Stand and start our sequence:

Sequence: Undulating Dog

  • Downward-Facing Dog Pose

  • Plank Pose.

  • Downward-Facing Dog.

  • Repeat flow for 5 to 7 cycles.

To Finish: Come back to sitting cross-legged, eyes closed. Appreciate the space created within and drop into deeper stillness. Stay for 3-5 minutes.



Journaling is extremely beneficial! It can help you to gain insight and work through different challenges or situations. Here are a few journal prompts that you can use during this month:

What do you want to contribute to your environment? This could be your home, your community, your work, and even your environmental impact on the planet.

How do you see yourself interacting in your environment? Does your home run with ease and grace or is it filled with rushing and chaos. (This could be your home, your community, your work, and even your environmental impact on the planet.) How do you want to change your vibration to change this or support this in a bigger way? 

What do you do each day to offer a blessing to someone else? What do you see as a blessing? To some a smile or holding the door can be a blessing. To others it is a warm meal or monetary gift. No matter how great or small make this a part of your daily practice and journal on how it made you feel. How it changes you.





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