Emotion Code and Body Code

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without the emotional wounds of your past? 


The Emotion Code and Body Code are a form of energy work that can help people of all ages and back grounds. I learned this incredible skill through Dr. Bradley Nelson. He is the author of The Emotion Code book and the founder of this modality. He started his journey as a child in need, and went on to become a Doctor in Chiropractic medicine. During that time the Emotion Code was born. Since then it has grown to the Body Code. If you find yourself wanting a more in depth knowledge of these practices reach out to me I am more than happy to answer your questions. Also to help you to become trained in this practice too.


Everyone has a history. Everyone has lived, lost, and loved. Each time we have an interaction, be it good or bad, it leaves a "mark" on us. In this modality we call these trapped emotions. Some are from us, some we have inherited. Some we have even picked up from those around us! All of them affect us. They can affect our personalities, they can affect our health, they can and do pretty much affect everything about us and the way we live. Have you tried and tried to break a habit? Lose some weight? Stop an unhealthy practice? or find yourself in chronic pain or illness? But you've seen a doctor and done this and that. Yet nothing changes. Odds are it is a trapped emotion. I have a long history in the health care industry. I was an Emergency Medical Technician for 15 years.  In my years of working in healthcare I recognized many gaps and places that I couldn't help people. I also saw the spaces were people who didn't fit into a box got left behind by standard medical practice.  My personal life fell into this gap which is how I ended up here practicing this art. I am dedicated to helping people heal and live their lives to the fullest.

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With my goal of helping people live free I recognize that everyone has emotional baggage. We accumulate it at all ages and stages of life. But we don't have to keep it. Yes the lesson serves us in most cases. But the energy doesn't.  Through an Emotion Code session I can help you target the root cause of whats bothering you and I can help you release it. You may have had an interaction, helk your ancestor could have had an interaction, and it can be affecting your life now. The best part is that you don't have to relive it. Through this modality I use a simple technique to answer a series of questions to target the issue. Then we release it! I know it is different than what most people are used to. But it works. People who have had sessions notice big shifts and love what they have been experiencing.

I have used many modalities. This is incredible! It is life changing!
— Andee L.
Rebecca has literally changed my life with this gift. She has opened my eyes on so many levels. I thought I had moved through so much of this but the emotion was still there festering.
— Lynda D

As a practitioner I run 30 minute sessions.

All sessions are run either over the phone, zoom, or 100% distance

(this means you can set up your session and I will send you your notes through email when it is over).

I see clients from around the world because I can do this work from anywhere.

This works out the best for my clients.  You can choose what day and time work best for you from my scheduling page.



In a 30 minute session we are able to focus on what you want and need. 

Once you book your session you'll receive and email confirmation with all the details. You will also receive two reminders leading up to your appointment. 


What to expect after the session? When having any energy work done you can always expect some type of release of energy. With the Emotion Code we call this processing. Sometimes you notice it immediately and other times it takes a day or two to notice the shifts. It may be instant relief from pain or you may find yourself not reacting to a toxic situation in the same way you used to.

I think of this as energetic surgery. So be sure to drink plenty of water. Most importantly listen to your body and have grace with yourself.


I have read through this webpage and am ready to Live Free!



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