Trinket Shop

Trinkets? Maybe to some. However many small trinkets are actually talismans. These talismans can be for love, luck, abundance, protection pretty much anything. Here you will fond ones specific to well-being and protection. They are used in many different areas of the world and range in shapes, sizes and style.


I love filling my home with beautiful things

I want everything in my home to feel good. I want the items to spark joy like MariKondo says. That way the energy is amazing. These are a few things you can find in my home. Enjoy! 

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The History

Talismans, amulets and protection pieces have been used for centuries. Almost every culture on every continent has some sort of idea or story around these items and their uses. As stated before many times take what resonates with you and leave what doesn't. I share these tools and treasured pieces out of respect and because I am frequently asked where to get them. So creating a space for you to get them and learn more about them only made all to much sense to me. I will be creating a PDF that will share the history and uses of these treasured items. In the mean time enjoy!