Support yourself, your family, and your community with emotional balance.

Be proactive in mental, physical, and emotional health.

Stop violence, addiction, and trauma with tools for preventative care.

Simple effective tools for creating balance and support in life.

Simple effective tools for creating balance and support in life.

It all started when…

Rebecca saw a greater need for people to have support and tools to help them when life happens. She has an extensive history of working with trauma and the effects of trauma. She has taken her knowledge from 15 years as a first res-ponder, her life experiences, her holistic training and created a program for you to use tools to support yourself in the present moment and when “life happens.”

Rebecca recognized that the average person and even those with training are falling short in the space of self-care and self-support. She saw this time and time again and even lived it. So she took all her training and poured her heart into this program that took her four years to create and hours of trial and error to find the perfect mix of tools to create calm in the chaos of life.

If you want to live better, feel better, be happier, connect with people and show up fully in everyday let Rebecca walk you through simple tools that you can use to achieve all of that and more!

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