Space Clearing Tools

During our sessions I will share many tools and tips with you. I find the ones I share the most are protecting your energy and space clearing. Which are not exactly the same thing but are extremely similar and necessary. As an em-path and energy worker I find that space clearing is an essential practice for me.  My family clears their energy daily. We clear and cleanse the energy of our house at least weekly if not more. Some people may think of this to be excessive. However I firmly believe that if everyone was responsible with cleansing their energy and their surroundings energy more people would live happier healthier lives. Just think of that on a world wide scale! Whoa! This can take you a few minutes to a few hours depending on the type of clearing you do and the depths you are looking to go into. I will be sharing a PDF of my practices that you can download.  I feel that my work isn't just about our sessions but also about giving you tools and supporting you on this journey no matter what stage you might be at. I will only ever share with you tools that I use myself. You can access them here or you can find a store near you. Also feel free to email or message me with any questions. If I personally don't know the answer I will find it for you. 


*I affiliate for some but not all products that I share. I ONLY share products that I personally use.

You can purchase these recommended items right in my shop. Each will have a link associated with it. 


Space Clearing/ Smudging 

Many cultures have cleansed their selves and spaces for centuries. This practice can be found in some form or another on just about every continent. Here are the tools that I use most.

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When smudging you can use your hand, feather, or fan. That is your preference.

*An alternative to smoke clearing are essential oil sprays. I always suggest the smoke cleanse whenever possible but in some cases it is just not. I make my own and will be sharing that PDF. If you prefer to purchase one check out Sarah A. Jeror at she makes all her product and I love her spray.

I have a growing number of singing bowls. They are beautiful and they are extremely effective.



Personally I am very passionate about my practice. My life encompasses the energetic world and always has. I have been practicing space clearing since I was seven and was guided by my mentors and elders on how to do this. My being sensitive to energy and having a family that is sensitive to energy I have found that with is like breathing for us. We cleanse our energy daily and we cleanse our home and space weekly if not more. Just think what the world would be like if everyone cleansed the negativity off of their person and out of their space on a regular basis! Want to start a space clearing practice? Curious about mine? Down load my FREE PDF here: