Tools For Life with Rebecca Packard

Tools For Life with Rebecca Packard


Take this 6 week program to empower yourself. Create balance and calm in your life. Use the tools that Rebecca teaches to her 1:1 clients and implement them in your life to live a life of emotional freedom and balance.

Have stronger relationships, stronger immune system, and so much more!


In this six week program Rebecca takes you through the tools that she uses in her life, with her family and with her clients. Learn them and experience calm in life. This is a work at your own pace program you receive and email with all each module. Each module share written an video content to teach you these tools and to show you how to implement them into your life.

Note when you purchase this course and receive the confirmation email you will need to collect your program by confirming your email. This is done right on your confirmation receipt in place of a password for your convince, instead of a log in page.