Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Packard Emotion Code Practitioner

Rebecca Packard is a Holistic healer specializing in the emotion code and body code supporting thought LEADERS, healers, and holistic ENTREPRENEURS who want to reach millions and make a huge impact in the world in a positive way.

She has helped clients bust through blocks that had been holding their lives still and stagnant. She has helped them to raise their vibration to support their message and be heard in alignment. In one case releasing a pain in the shoulder that then released a vibration that was keeping her client from moving forward with a financial venture that then lead to a six figure year!

Her approach is simple. She is authentic and  true to herself. In doing so she is able to use her intuition and her tools to help clients in the most profound way. Allowing them to go on to shine their light in the world in a much bigger and more aligned way. 



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