Whole Health Bliss Water Elixir Guide 

We are water. Water is life. Make your water BLISS.

We are water. Water is life. Make your water BLISS.


It all started when…

I was taking my certification with the Emotion Code. I was in a lesson when Dr. Brad said "If you've seen the studies on snow flakes or the water study from the Japaneses scientist (Look it up it's awesome) then you can see how emotions can effect us, as we are roughly 80% water!" I was like oh my! All the things made so much sense. I had also been seeing crystal elixirs and crystal water bottles all over the place. I had even made my own crystal water bottle. (I will share more about that in a future blog, keep a watch out) However I wanted to have the ability to not only make the water amazing for me, I wanted it for my whole family. My littles drink milk or water and really they drink 90% water because they only have 2-3 small glasses of milk a day.

SO this was huge. How was I going to make enough of this water? How was I going to store and make it easily available? Because let's be realistic if it isn't easy I'm probably not going to do it.  Also what did I want it's vibration to be?

So I went to work. Lucky for me it was summer so the storage possibilities were endless. I found my double container at Target. It was perfect because the base allows for a cup to be placed and poured into. I also like the idea of two jars because we drink from one side and the the other. So when one jar is empty we always have another ready to go. 

So let's get started!!! It will surprise you how quick and easy this is. 


So in the video I walk you through a quick tutorial of how to make your own elixir. I will write out the steps here also. 

Things you'll need:



Crystals (I'm using selenite, tourmaline, and shungite)

Paper with Affirmations

Platform for jars


The steps:

1. Just like when I create a crystal grid or hold a moon ritual I like to cleanse the space before I start. I do this a little differently when making my water elixir. I call on my A-Team to come in to cleanse and clear the space and my tools. Then I start.

2. This is when we take our clean jars and start to fill them with water. We use tap water. However you can use water from a jug. (if you have a water dispenser at your home/office you can create an elixir with that too!). While filling the jars I call on my A-Team again and ask that this water be cleansed from all chemicals, impurities, and anything that is not of our highest good. I ask that the water be charged with peace, love, joy, bliss, and all energy of our highest good and our best health. In this space you can add so many things so go wild. 

3. Now it is time to set our jars on the written affirmations. I like to set the jars right on top of the affirmations and ask that the water take on the energy of the intentions.

4. I ask that the crystals cleanse and clean the water. That they amplify all energy of our highest good and release that which is not of service to us. I then place the crystals between the jars.


I personally am a go big or go home kinda gal. SO I also like to place money under the deck that my jars, crystals, and affirmations rest on. I ask that all things that I do be fused with creating and attracting abundance. 


These steps have worked great for me. I have tried this many different ways and found that I was able to simplify and mass produce while getting the same effects with this process.  

Now it' your turn! Find some jars and create your own Whole Health Bliss Water Elixir! Tell me all about it. Share your experience with me. I can't wait to hear what you think!




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