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For Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth 

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I love crystals and with that I love Crystal grids

If you love crystals and you love working with them, then you will love creating crystal girds. Here I will break down the words to show you the difference in Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth.  Also seeing how their vibration differs from one another. I will walk you through how to create a grid and what crystals to use to enhance these vibrations. 

Crystals are great tools to use in your self-care practices. I love to use them in crystal grids. By creating grids you can utilize and focus your intentions, magnifying them with the energy of the crystals. This harnesses your energy and the crystals energy, targeting and increasing it.

I believe that crystals have their own vibration and energy. By using them and working with them you can benefit from this energy. Here is a series of crystal grids and how to use them to your benefit. These grids are focused for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth. By joining my mailing list you will receive this FREE!



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