Sacred Space

Tools for creating your sacred space

I have been asked many times about creating a sacred space, a personal space, and a private space. I have already shared with you the areas, the setting, and the tools I that I use for my spaces. Which leads me to were do you get things and ideas for your space? I pick up things I love all over the place. I won't lie with two tiny people I use Pintrest and Amazon to find inspiration and then bring it to fruition. So here are some my absolute favorite things that fill my sacred spaces.

giant overstuffed chair.jpg

The space

I love over stuffed chairs. Here are some of my favorite ideas for meditation pillows and chairs.


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Also you can look into options that support your back. Or keep you off the floor. Depending on what your ability is.



Ambiance can make or break your meditation but try not to get to hung up on it. Just set yourself up for success. Lighting is really the key. But if you can't have natural lighting you have to do something. You can pick your lighting and decor to make sure your meditation is successful and that you are at peace in your space. 

Charkra crystal.jpg

support tools for your space

And now for the part that I find most people really love!!! The support tools for your space. So what to add? I love using my crystals, cleansing tools, journals, statues, and candles. There are so many things you can add in this space. The only thing that I suggest is making sure the tools resonate with you. It is YOUR space so we want it to support you in your practice.


Again be focused on what works for you. Be mindful that this is YOUR space. Let it reflect you. Let it incorporate what you need for support. That is different for every person. Maybe NOTHING I shared here resonates with you at all and you know what that is completely okay. You want to make your space what YOU need. Enjoy! Namaste