I Wish I Knew Her When I Was Birthing...

My pregnancy was a "surprise." Some would say. However we weren't trying or not trying. My husband and I said God would make it happen when it was meant to. Well that was on our honeymoon. Even though we wouldn't know till the end of our first trimester.

So you all know what happens when you find out your going to have a baby. Planning! Lots of planning. What will the nursery look like, what will the name be, what will the birth be like??? Well for me I was all for a natural or as close to natural birth as possible. As we found our Mid wife and her team and went through the months of appointments planning and getting on the same page in an open and respectful amazing office. Then the big day came. Sadly all the planning was for not. One person dropped the ball and started a spiral that turned my blessing of a birth and sacred time in my womanhood into a fight for my patient rights. 

Why do I tell you this? Why do I open up in this way. Because I wish I had known Kieran Doucette when I was having my babies. I wish that in all the books and all the "training", reading, and people I talked to that someone had said "get a doula." I live in an area where this is not a practice that is widely known. They surely don't have many in my area either. It is like a well kept secret. But I wish I had known the benefits of having a doula by my side during my pregnancy, laboring, and birthing. 

Main stream life has stolen the sacredness from child birthing and rearing. The medical world has made it a drive through experience. It is not. This is such a sacred time in every woman's life, no matter what age you are. Personally I feel like we don't talk enough about it. I had all these things happen to me and my body, so many people made the statement of "yeah that is normal." Well if it is so normal why didn't anyone tell me about this?

Well that is where this magnificent woman comes in. She is like magic. Her energy is amazing and her knowledge is vast. Kieran's motto is  

“A mother achieving a positive birth experience – no matter what happens – is the most important part.”

She firmly and lovingly sticks to that. She advocates for her clients throughout their birthing process. From the just finding out where all the planning starts to the "It's baby time." She is so amazing. She offers classes for preparedness and personal power because lets be realistic when we get deep into the space of building a human at our most powerful time in our life we can feel the least. 

When It was all said and done I wouldn't have changed my birthing experience because at the end I had the most beautiful gifts that anyone could ask for. But all in all if I knew I could have had someone with us to help us in the balance of what happens, what we want to happen, and support us I would have definitely called on Kieran. Knowledge in action is power and knowing what is available to you is key.

Learn more about her, what she does, and if she can help you in this sacred time in your life at her website www.storktoswaddle.com

“A mother achieving a positive birth experience – no matter what happens – is the most important part.”

“A mother achieving a positive birth experience – no matter what happens – is the most important part.”