Are You Living Your BEST Life? 4 Ways To Find Out!

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Are you living Your best life? 4 Ways To Find Out!

Are You Living Your BEST Life?

4 Ways To Find Out!


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I have a question for you. Yeah you!

I hope you don’t mind me asking. I ask a lot of questions. I’m always curious to find out about people and their lives. About the life they are living and the life they want to be living.

Are you living your BEST life?

I would love if you would take a minute and answer this. Please be completely honest too. I mean lets be real we can’t fix it if your not honest, and you can’t celebrate it if you don’t recognize it either. We’ll talk more about that too.

Let me share four ways for you to figure out if you are living your best life? I know these days that kinda is an over used token statement. So first lets talk about what “your best life “ actually is.

I am a little different than most people. When I talk about said best life ever I want to get really clear on that I am less talking about the Robin Leach Life Styles Of The Rich and Famous and are more talking about are you happy in life, in YOUR life? Are you happy at home, at work, with your family? Are you achieving life mile stones that you created for yourself? Are you checking off the bucket list of your dreams? This is what I am referring to. Don’t get me wrong I am all for financial freedom and cool gadgets but life is more than those things. Those things are ways to celebrate your achievements in life not be your achievements in life.

Now that you know what we are looking for here are the four ways to find out if you are living your best life. These four things will tell you if you are succeeding at this game we call life!

2.) Are you happy with the person you are?

This is a big one. Can you look in the mirror and say “I like you!” better yet “I love you!” ever try? You should. This sounds like a silly exercise but I will guarantee you will learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before. This is usually a tear jerking activity so be aware. But definitely do it you will thank me later. You will see through your own eyes if you are happy with the person you are in the world. I mean how are other people supposed to look you in the eye, or like you if you can’t look yourself in the eye? If you don’t even like yourself? This exercise will tell you. Take it up a notch and place your hands to the mirror and say it. This palm to palm, eye to eye experience will tell you if there is anything in you you need to look more deeply at.

3.) Are you living for yourself?

I often hear people talk about they have to fulfill the expectations of others (family, society, and all that) but when they are done doing that they will start living the life they dreamed of. They will start being the person they feel deep inside that they are. I am by no means saying drop all your adult obligations and run for the fun. However when I talk to these people they don’t even have an exit plan. They have the idea and it lives in the world of “someday”. They aren’t able to be WHO they are because they are fulfilling an illusion for someone else. Stop. Stop living for other people and start living for you. When you are living for you you will be happier, healthier, you will achieve the goals you have more easily, and so much more. Because you won’t be living in a world filled with resistance and resentment.

2.) Are you making an impact?

One of the most rewarding and life altering experiences is making an impact in someones life, in the world. You don’t have to become Mother Teresa but what can you do to help someone else? To be of service to your community? When you are creating and making an impact you are being of service. When we touch lives we create a ripple, we create a legacy. This is something that is not only good for us now, it also has long lasting positive health and wellness attributes, and creates longevity of our lives in more than one way. As you live on in every life you touch.

4.) Are you happy with the person you are becoming?

Are you a constant evolution of yourself? When you stop learning, growing and expanding you become stagnant. You become sedentary in life. You stop moving forward. This doesn’t seem like a big deal at first but when we look at the bigger picture you have nothing to live for. You are merely a hamster on a wheel and the fire in you has gone out. Who are you becoming? Who are you growing into? What are you doing to become that person? As you grow and evolve you embrace yourself more and more. As you think about who you want to become and the things that you want to do in life what books are you reading, what courses are you taking, who are you sharing your time with to become the person you desire to be.

How did you do? What came up for you as you answered these questions? These questions are by no means ground breaking or Earth shattering, but if your able to honestly answer them and find that you are happy with the person you are, are living for yourself, are being of service, and are happy with who you are becoming you are on the right track to long happy life and legacy. If you looked at this list and cringed well we can help you with that too.

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